“I’m so glad I took the 5 minutes needed to sign up my daughter for the Hancock County Promise.  She got a college savings account, $25 deposited into the account, and she won the random drawing of $250!  Thank you, Hancock County Promise!!!” -- Tiffany Garritano, mom of Beatrice, Weston Elementary School

"The Hancock County Promise has benefited our family by encouraging our kids to think about their futures.  They loved the piggy banks, and the trip to IUPUI, and it's been good for them to be exposed to college planning at a young age.  The Promise made it possible for them to take the first steps towards pursuing their future goals." -- Jeff and Erica Sincroft, parents of Alli and Avery, JB Stephens Elementary School

“Saving for our child’s higher education is important to us. Hancock County Promise has allowed us to start saving early and have discussions as a family regarding the importance of an education. Knowing our son has a head start in preparing for his future, is an amazing feeling.  Thank you Hancock County Promise!!” -- Travis and Lindsay Rivers parents of Tyler—Fortville Elementary School

“gbcBANK considers education of our young children as one of the most significant and exciting opportunities in this county.  We also strongly support the efforts of the Hancock County Promise program to advance the education and eventually, the living standards, for all.” -- John Kennedy, President CEO gbcBank   

“At Hancock Health, we believe the success of our county tomorrow lies in the hands, hearts and minds of our children today.  The Promise program ensures every child in our county will have the opportunity to develop to their full potential, thus ensuring a bright future for all who call Hancock County home.” -- Steve Long - President and CEO Hancock Health